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The above is just a sample compilation of some of the JFCC fights. Please click the header above the video to see more JFCC fights
from the Cadets, Juniors & Teens.

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View the rules and regulations
set by the JFCC to ensure you compete in a safe environment.

Meet the people behind the
scenes who are working hard
to promote the sport.

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View all forth coming events for 2013 along with medical and
entry forms.

Independently ranked junior full contact kickboxers in the UK.
Who is the best of the best?

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Submit your fight record here
for the preliminary full contact rankings.

Your chance to discuss any
issues you may have concerning full contact kickboxing.

The JFCC Policy and Guidelines for the safety and wellbeing of all the students.

The JFCC’s defining document outlining our structure and set criteria.


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